Monday, March 27, 2006

Be prepared for anything....

Saturday Night was one of the weirdest gigs we've ever had. It was our first night at a new club, Ricky Gene's down by the beach, and we wanted to make a great showing. However, the gods of all things mechanical seemed to have other ideas.

Initially, the house PA system took a dive during the first set. A speaker jack came loose and actually fell into the speaker, cord and all. So we stopped the set early and I got my PA out of the truck, which I had fortuitously brought along. So we started the second set and other guitarist Paul's incredibly cool and expensive amp set up decided to quit. No smoke or loss of power, just...nothing.

So, being the kind of guy I am, I quickly lend him my spare amp (that I fortunately had brought) so that we could proceed. I then took my amp off of standby only to find out that, yeah, you guessed it, MY amp was mysteriously not working either. At that point I didn't feel that I could ask for my spare back so I finished the set playing my guitar straight through the PA system. Not the best sound I've ever had I probably don't have to tell you.

Paul got his Amp working by hitting the front panel with a shot glass, and I reclaimed my spare. It actually turned out to be a really great gig, the audience was really cool and I'm sure we'll play there again. I still have no idea why we had all the strange and freakishly unusual problems, but I guess the point of the whole incident was...... BE PREPARED! Bring spare stuff whenever possible, especially if it's a new club and you don't know the house equipment and quirks.

By the way, both of our amps worked perfect the next day.